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It’s Alive!

Our new website is finally live! We feel it’s a much better representation of our services than the old one. We would love to hear your feedback and know what you think!

Clients come first around here!

Has it really been 10 days since my last blog post? Time really does fly. The website redesign had of course been put on hold as we have been busy preparing this quarter’s BAS & IAS for all our clients.  But today I am right back into it and really steaming along quickly. Hooray!   […]

Yep, it was a train.

My blog post a few days ago mentioned whether I was coming towards the light at the end of the tunnel or just a train. And a resounding “train!” has been heard at Blue Emerald – our new website is still not complete & live. Apart from the word “soon”, I am giving up on […]

Is that a light at the end of the tunnel or is it a train?

After running into a million issues with a task you thought was going to be fairly simple, you have to wonder as you head towards the end if that is the light at the end or if it is a big freight train barrelling towards you!   For my task at the moment (yes, it’s […]

Client Case Study 1 – Enabling business to grow

This client’s story is a great example of how moving to Xero can really enable your business to grow. Although he had a fantastic product to sell, our client was spending so much of his time fighting with administration & accounts receivable tasks that he didn’t have enough time to devote to his most important […]

Slow and steady wins the race….

Well, the good news is that our website is shaping up nicely. The only fly in the ointment is that the redesign is taking longer than expected! I won’t bore you with the ins and outs of the challenges that have popped up. Just that ironing them out has added to the time.   I’m […]

Mistakes are not such a bad thing

Well, the website redesign is coming along at a somewhat steady speed. It’s been taking longer than we had anticipated, but we are hoping for the website to go live in the very near future. I’ve certainly been met with numerous challenges along the way but they have all been overcome and I have managed […]

Changes are afoot!

Well, it had to happen…… It’s time for a website redesign! As Blue Emerald is now a Xero Partner and offering bookkeeping with the best solution in cloud accounting, we thought that we should have a website that is more appropriate for clients to view the updated services we offer. And in line with modern […]

And behind the scenes……

As we all know, there is more to running a business than just what a customer or client sees. For most businesses, their “behind the scenes” work is bookkeeping and administration. For us, we have the invaluable Steve Rehberger who takes on the role of network/system administrator, which is very important in our business based […]

A bit about Elizabeth……

Coming from a family background of bookkeepers and accountants, Elizabeth has not only over 20 years experience in the accounting field, but the love of numbers and the craving for a challenge that enables her to provide the attention to detail that clients demand. Bringing her creative skills to her work, Elizabeth has the ability […]