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Omne Trium Perfectum

For those of you not familiar with Latin, “omne trium perfectum” basically means everything that comes in threes is perfect or complete. I’m not sure about it being perfect, but I have certainly experienced being bombarded by three challenges over the past couple of weeks – the end of financial year, school holidays and that flu-type illness that seems to be doing the rounds everywhere.


Whilst school holidays can easily be planned around (right now I can see my two very active boys making paper planes and trying to break things with their “missiles”!), but having a brain working at half speed (and full of phlegm – yuk!) is not terribly conducive to the busiest time of year for a bookkeeping practice.


However, I have noticed that this end of financial year has been much easier than previous ones for almost all our client tasks and this makes the dreaded lurgy a bit more manageable.


We have spent the last year moving most of our clients to various cloud solutions in their businesses. Not just Xero and it’s ever increasing range of add-ons, but also many other solutions and internal processes that are streamlining their administration and accounting and creating more efficiency for our clients.


And we’ve been implementing similar solutions here at Blue Emerald. One of the prime focuses has been streamlining our workflow systems (with a big plug for Workflowmax Practice Manager definitely required here!) so we have the ongoing ability to service our ever increasing client base with the attention to detail and emphasis on client relationships that they love us for.


The proof was definitely in the pudding because even with the challenge of illness, most of the end of financial year client tasks are already completed and it seems the few remaining will be finished in record time. So there is plenty of time to dedicate to the influx of setups we are currently completing for new DIY Xero clients making the move to from their legacy desktop accounting software for the new financial year. Keep those coming – we enjoy doing setups as much as regular bookkeeping.


So sitting here with a nagging phlegmy cough and a very croaky voice, which to the dismay of those around me doesn’t stop me talking a mile a minute :), I am once again very happy & thankful for the “modern technological age”. It seems to be working out pretty well.


Happy New Financial Year!