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Client Case Study 1 – Enabling business to grow

This client’s story is a great example of how moving to Xero can really enable your business to grow.

Although he had a fantastic product to sell, our client was spending so much of his time fighting with administration & accounts receivable tasks that he didn’t have enough time to devote to his most important job – increasing his product sales.

Like many small business owners, this client had to be a jack of all trades. He is the only employee in the business and responsible for everything, whether he was good at that aspect of the business or not.

Our client was not very at home with new technology. In fact, as many older people are who had not grown up with such rapid developments in software and computer technology, he found it very diffucult to use computers and software, even though in the modern business age it became a necessity.

Our client was using a decade old version of MYOB to print his invoices and packing slips when he made a sale. But he never entered customer payments, so he could not send customers statements and therefore he had alot of trouble collecting his debts.

His quarterly accounts data was on a newer version on MYOB in a different location, but we simply processed this for BAS & compliance. There was no useful, real-time reporting available to him. And of course, his accountant got the “backup” version of this at the end of the financial year. So our client had three different versions of his accounts data floating around!

We suggested to him that moving to Xero would simplify things for him and give him access to relevant information that he could use to assess his business and help him to focus on sales rather than administration.

At first our client was worried that having to learn “new software” would be beyond him. But once he saw the beautiful, modern customised invoices complete with his branding and product logo, the ability to send out statements and the very easy to learn and use interface of Xero, he was more than happy about the change.

With the help of our support and our very own step-by-step instuctions (which we provide to any of our clients who has “issues” with technology), he was off and running with Xero.

Not only is he now able to send statements and be more on top of collecting debts and increasing his cashflow, but he is also now enjoying the information provided by our extensive monthly reporting and able to target areas in his business where there is need for improvement. As with all our clients, we not only provide relevant reports, but we educate our clients how to use the information in their business.

We love a satisfied client!