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10 Tips for Making Money Faster – Hot and Healthy In Business Magazine Article

Very exciting! I’ve written an article — “10 Tips for Making Money Faster” — & it’s published in the latest Hot and Healthy In Business Magazine magazine. You can download a free copy of the mag at and have a read of it & lots of other interesting articles!  

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Crowdfunding: New Ways To Fund Business Startups

So, you’ve got a great idea for your business, but you don’t have the funds right now to get it off the ground. You could try applying for a government grant, but it’s often a long and arduous bureaucratic process of form filling and there are of course no guarantees you’ll get the money. Some […]

Is Your Business Drifting Along, or Sailing its Charted Course? 3 Compelling Reasons Your Business Needs A Budget Now …

3 Reasons Your Business Needs A Budget. Now! For many, the word “budget” is about as appealing as that dreaded word “diet”. Many people seem to think it means what you will go without, rather than what you’ll achieve. However, for a successful business owner, the word “budget” has a very different meaning! It’s more […]

Video – A Few Apps That Will Streamline Your Business

  Today, I go through a few apps free and low-cost apps that will streamline your business. Click on the video to have a look!