Ask Me Anything Sessions


Just like a Reddit AMA, only much more useful. ♥

Have a burning question that you need solved right now?

Need some quick clarity over your numbers? Or explanations on how things work in the sometimes confusing land of bookkeeping?

Or maybe you just need to find out how to do that task or two in Xero that you can’t quite work out how to do.

Get some friendly hand-holding, clarity, Xero support or answers to any questions you need. There’s no need to struggle through alone.

All sessions are done via Zoom which makes it easy for us to screen share together. We can both be both literally & figuratively on the same page. I can record the session for you if you’d like to view it again later.

Why wait? It’s easy, just book your Ask Me Anything Session here with Elizabeth Salter, Chief Number-Nerd & Founder of Blue Emerald.

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